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4 | Five Things

June 18, 2018



     So, I've been really enjoying a variety of things this past month and I'd like to let you know about one really cool thing first, in my opinion!


1 ~ Etsy's 13th birthday sale! I'm taking part in Etsy's sale so my entire shop this week (June 18-22) is 15% off! Go have a look and let me know at checkout if you've come through the blog!

I have so many prints in various sizes, along with calligraphy quotes, bookmarks and a cute little notepad that's only $3.40 on sale! Kinda crazy. :)






2 ~ Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata- I waited for this book for over a month to be released when I found out about it. I devoured it in a few hours (it's under 200 pages) and I can say it's funny, yet entirely pointless, yet somehow entertaining. It's the perfect light summer read. Basically, Keiko is a convenience store worker in Japan and made a career out of it for 18 years. She's now 35 and is looked down upon in society but she finds nothing wrong with devoting her life to the convenience store.  It's pretty goofy, really, and something I'd definitely read in one go at the beach.





3 ~ Summer! Wait a minute- this has to be a "thing" in my five things. I am SO excited for summer to arrive! It's the best season of the year and my daughter and I make bucket lists to compare and fulfill. We've already kicked it off with a trip to the annual San Diego Fair. I'm so excited for our long days at the pool, picnics in the park, sunsets at the beach, afternoons at the ice cream shop, trips to the farmers market, and late evening strolls alongside our long shadows. Oh, and books, reading lots of books. I'll create a post soon with my summer reading list!





4 ~ Those evening strolls with my family. We've moved to this new part of town not too long ago so it's been really fun walking around to explore the different nooks in our neighborhood. Seeing the squirrels and rabbits munching in the grass at the park, watching the birds return to their claimed trees for the night, hearing laughter through open windows as people gather around their dinner tables, and the intoxicating scent of jasmine, currently in bloom everywhere. That scent alone gets me walking farther than I feel I have energy for. It's almost like those cartoons where the character is lured by a trail of wafting food aromas.  It's the perfect end to our day.





5 ~ This Summer Favorites on Piano Playlist on Spotify. It's the perfect playlist for when you're getting ready for the day, cruising in your car with the windows down, cleaning, or you just want some light ambient music. All of the songs are great and hearing them on piano is even better and allows for the perfect relaxed summer mood.




   What are your summer favs so far? Don't forget to stop by the Etsy Sale :)











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