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January 4, 2018

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The Beauty of Being

May 16, 2018



      What is the beauty of being? It's living in the current moment and nothing more. It's doing something you love right now and not thinking about tonight, tomorrow, next week or dwelling on the past. The past is gone and the future is not guaranteed. The future is a bunch of "nows" put together. So focusing on the now is creating your future. What do you want to create?

Who are you today?  The beauty of being is accepting and curating today as it is.


     How do we practice it? We breathe and we decide what is in our own best interest in this moment. We think of our whole selves- mind, body, soul, and heart. We do something for one of these four aspects of our selves (or all of them!). We read for our mind or let it rest if it's constantly running. We eat well or we exercise or we rest. We journal and write down our hopes and aspirations. We reflect on beautiful moments in our life and focus on what's good. We turn off all of the outside noise. We do something that makes us feel genuinely at peace and that is all.


   For me, I sit out on my balcony amongst my glorious green plants and read, listen to the endless birdsong emanating from the nearby trees. I feel the soft afternoon sun rays on my skin, drink rejuvenating lemon water and just be. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to be, I am healthy, I am happy (because I choose to be), I am safe and it's perfect. The moment is perfect.


   The more moments like this (tailored to you and your desires) you can create in your life- just imagine how uplifting you will become. Imagine the light that will radiate from you to others. You will benefit your self, your peace, and you will benefit others. Our energy transfers to others. What does yours say about you?


   Find some time today to do something just for you. Don't think about anyone else, any extraneous circumstances, or conditions. Work on your light and energy, work on your whole being and really cherish the moment with your self. We only have one go at this life. Slow down, know that nothing is urgent, and work on the light- be the light. That is the beauty of being.







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