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April 8, 2018



   Well! It sure has been a moment since I last posted here on the blog. It's unintentional, I assure you. I've been quite busy and haven't been online much but that should change going forward as I get back in the swing of my routine.


   I'd like to include Manifesting March in my Five Things I'm enjoying right now to give you a recap and because I really enjoyed it! So let's go:



1 | Manifesting March - I find my manifesting was quite successful. I think most people go into the manifesting mindset focused on certain things like acquiring stuff or money. Manifesting is really seeking out the good in everyday and focusing on that energy. The energy is what brings more of it to you. When your vibe is on the same level as the positive energy of the universe, great things happen, it's inevitable! You know, the cup is half full and all. Of course, declaring things you'd like to manifest can help and does work but one thing I've learned is you can't rush it. Manifesting does not know or abide by the concept of time. So for this, patience is key.

My favorite manifestations this month have been the art lecture and my new balcony (as shown above), complete with lush trees and singing birds every morning!





2 | Anne with an E - The Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix has been another favorite. I'm pretty sure Anne is a kindred spirit of mine, to use her verbiage. The series premiered last April and I couldn't wait to watch it but life happened and I only started this week. I'm almost done with the first season though as it's only 8 episodes but the good news is season 2 will be out this year with 10 episodes.

   I love watching Anne go about her adventure at the Cuthberts on Prince Edward Island. The landscape is so beautiful and her appreciation of nature is endearing. It's such fun and I really think it's kept true to the books, even quoting lines I distinctly remember.




3 |  Spring flowers, particularly the wild variety. There is just something about a big bouquet of wild flowers. This yellow, white and green bundle has really added cheer to my days (and photos. See them in action here with my quotes! I can see myself replenishing my vases weekly, as I already have the past couple of weeks! It's a simple way to lively up my home and create a happy spring atmosphere even if it's still cloudy and chilly outside.




4 |  Ben Howard's new single "A Boat To an Island On The Wall". Ben Howard is one of my favorite musicians. He's amazing at the guitar and always has thought provoking lyrics. I'm convinced he's an INFJ like myself as he lives to create. He has said in interviews that he creates music for the art of it, not for the fame and he proves that by disappearing for years between albums to hide out in the English countryside. He is quite talented and I'm really excited for his new album, Noonday Dream, to be released (4 years after his previous album!) on June 1st. Just in time for some summer road trip music.



5 |  My final favorite recently has been decluttering, once again. Hear me out! I was previously living in a 4-bedroom house. As a minimalist, it was easy to create "space" in a 4-bedroom house. Tossing out and donating unnecessary things while keeping the closets moderately stocked with "stuff". Well, I challenged my own belief on being a minimalist now that my family is living in an apartment. All of the closet stuff had to go! My bin of painting supplies suddenly had me hemming and hawing, wondering if it was really necessary. I finally got rid of my high heel shoes except one pair. I got rid of a lot of kitchen glassware and kept the minimum of what we need and use regularly. I really had no choice unless i wanted a cluttered apartment, which I do not. I had an office in our previous home and now I have a small space in the corner of our living room. This has made me pare down all of my work supplies as well. It's been really eye opening when you think you're doing well at minimalism and then suddenly you have half the space to work with.

   But honestly, I love it. The less I have the less weighed down I feel. Like I can just get up and go on a whim if I want to as if I'm some kind of gypsy ready to caravan away into the sunset. This new home has such a wonderful energy to it and it's really my most favorite thing.






PS- I won't wait too long before my next post, promise! I have a great one coming!





















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