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January 4, 2018

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Manifesting March Update 1

March 23, 2018




   Happy Spring everyone! The flowers are blooming here in SoCal. If you live where it's currently snowing, hopefully this photo gives you reassurance that spring is definitely on the way! I have added this photo to my print shop here if you're interested.


   As for Manifesting March, how is it going for you? I found it to be working out very well for me and I've learned a few things along the way.

   I did manifest nachos very early on when my mother held taco night and I was able to heap nachos on my plate within the first few days of March! It sparked my manifesting fire and got better from there.


   I have a great manifesting story though, better than nachos. So, a few weeks ago I overheard someone talking about a lecture they went to. When I heard them mention it, I thought to myself how interesting it would be to go to a lecture. After I had that brief thought I went on with my day doing other things.

  Then about a week later I was on Facebook promoting some of my new shop arrivals and got the idea to browse the Facebook events section which I never do. I didn't even know it existed until last year and would always wonder how people found these things they're "interested in attending". I'm just not on Facebook enough to venture to new areas. Anyway, so something inspired me to see what's happening around here.

   That's when I saw it. At the San Diego Museum of Art, which I'm a member of, there was an event, a lecture, called West Meets East: Peter Hurd, Andrew Wyeth and the Mysterious Power of the Figure.

    Peter Hurd painted my all time favorite painting in the museum and is one of my favorite painters along with Andrew Wyeth! It felt like fate! The event was to be a week later so I bought my ticket and got VERY excited.

    I manifested a lecture!



   Here's a quick snap I took from my seat, waiting on the lecture to start. The auditorium ended up being packed! It was so much fun to learn more about a couple of favorite artists and the speaker even mentioned Peter Hurd "manifesting" in a few different parts of his lecture! Can you believe it?


   I'll get into this more during my recap at the end of the month but I've really learned that you can manifest anything. It doesn't have to be "stuff" or money. In the end this lecture was so much more life-giving to me than stuff or money. Sometimes what we really need is a good experience or more knowledge, which is priceless.


   Have you manifested anything so far? Let me know in the comments! I can't wait to share everything at the end of the month!
















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