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2 | A Chat with Laura From Lady of the Moon Tarot

March 9, 2018




   Did you know Tarot can be dated back as far as the 15th century in Italy and that they originated as playing cards? In my chat today with Laura from Lady of the Moon Tarot, she discusses the misconceptions of tarot and the belief of some that it is "bad" or goes against certain religions or religious beliefs.

   Tarot is in fact, only a tool to help guide you in your everyday adventures of life, just as seeking out books, affirmations, quotes on Pinterest, advice from a counselor, life coach, or friend. It's just another means of gaining clarity on your life path via beautiful inspirational cards.



   Tell me a little about yourself and how you got started with Lady of the Moon Tarot-


   I’ve been interested in and reading Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and Affirmation Cards for decades. I started my shop when I finally “came out of the closet” as it were, and realized that not only was I accepted for what I did but many people were interested in readings. I started giving them and before long I had clients who wanted a reading but didn’t have the time to make an appointment to meet up. I opened Lady Of The Moon Tarot on Etsy and it’s been great! Clients can now order up a reading at their convenience and actually have a typed up copy with photos of the spread they choose delivered via their email or Etsy account. I always recommend they print it for their reference, something you don’t receive with a face to face Tarot experience. 



  Why do you think some people are put off or even afraid of tarot? Misconceptions? 


First and foremost, some people are under the impression that religion plays into Tarot. It doesn’t! That is a powerful misconception and I’d like to dispel it. Tarot is a symbol code that depicts universal and natural laws and principals that are shared by all the world’s great spiritual traditions. Tarot simply (or not so simply) assists in helping see options and offer hope, but you must do the work. After all, we have free will and can change the outcome of our circumstances any time we choose. Cards are not evil and they are not fortune telling. There are many religious people I know (a Catholic Priest being one of them) who read Tarot cards. That being said, I’m not discounting the fact that there are those out in the Tarot community who may come from a different mindset when providing a reading. I like to think of myself as a “gentle reader” and I do not forecast gloom and doom.




  Anything you would like people to know?


  Yes! For anyone who chooses to have a reading, please leave preconceived notions and stereotypes at the door. Keep an open mind and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!



  What is your goal with doing readings for people? 


  I like to think of myself as a life coach of sorts. I love nothing more than providing readings of inspiration that assist people in having a better day and know there are options for dealing with any situation. I have many different types of spreads in my shop and add to them often. I believe there is something for everyone, even if it’s just a daily draw for a heads up to your day! (Check out my 4 week card of the week reading)






  What have you learned about yourself with the process? 


  I have learned to pay close attention to my intuition and that it rarely steers me wrong. I’m an intuitive reader and at times it can be interesting trying not to second guess a message. I’ve learned to trust myself and the messages I’m receiving.



  Do you have a favorite deck and what kind of reading can someone expect with it? Or what it’s ideal for. 


  I have MANY favorite decks! It’s hard to choose because they are like friends, all have their special qualities. My favorite at the moment is The Dreamers Way Tarot Deck but tomorrow that could change. I use the deck that calls to me for each individual reading and believe all cards are great for any spread if the reader can tap into them. 





  Which spread/deck would you recommend for a general life reading? 


  Any deck the reader chooses that works for them is perfect. For life readings I also like to add a couple of Oracle Cards (I’ve been known to add a few extras to each reading :). I have a Life Path Spread in my shop that I find enlightening so I use that one often.



  Anything coming up you can share with us? New products/events/ideas?


  I add new spreads often so watch for them! Also, I’m planning to add a few spiritual products and stones (angels) for those who like to carry something to inspire them throughout their day.




  Where can we find you?


  I can be found on Etsy at LadyOfTheMoonTarot as well as Twitter at LadyMoonTarot. I look forward to seeing you there! Let me know you found me through Seamerias!




  Thank you for being on Refine today and I look forward to watching your success grow with Tarot!











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