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Naturally Clean - The Best Homemade Cleaning Spray

March 8, 2018



   I have been a fan of creating my own all-purpose cleaning spray for a while now- years. I really don't remember a time when I purchased cleaners with harmful chemicals. It's never really been my thing. I used to buy the "natural" products at the store but it wasn't long before I got tired of paying those prices when I could just make my own and know exactly what's in them.


   This spray, I use for everything- the bathroom, windows, mirrors, kitchen, bedrooms, on wood, everywhere. It's an extremely easy concoction to make and there's one ingredient I recently added that really gave it some oomph!


   First, I like to start with a glass bottle because it's nicer than plastic and better for the environment. I really like this one I purchased from Amazon. I used to re-use old plastic bottles when I was still buying the cleaners from the store but this one is so much nicer and has lasted me years, whereas those other bottles tend to have a problem with the nozzle after a while.


   Here's the basic recipe:


              Fill the bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar.



   That's it! Easy right?? Then comes the fun part- adding the essential oils. I could go on and on about the benefits of certain oils and how some disinfect better than others and all that but that could go on forever so I'm going to give you my current favorite blend.


   I love this Cheer Up Buttercup oil blend from Now Essential Oils. It's a combination of bergamot oil, orange oil, lime oil (Mmmmm), grapefruit oil, and lemon oil.

   It's so uplifting and when I clean with it, the entire house smells amazing like clean positive energy is just surging throughout my home.


   I've been adding this to the water/vinegar mix for a while now and it's been great, but recently as I was cleaning, I spontaneously decided to add a few drops of tea tree oil. I was cleaning, came across the oil, shrugged and mumbled about the antiseptic qualities and thought "can't hurt...". I poured in a few drops and it was happily ever after.


  Now, water/vinegar cleans very well on it's own. Adding certain oils to that can improve the cleansing power but adding this tea tree oil really took it up a notch! I had some stubborn water spots around the bathroom sink and suddenly, with the tea tree oil, gone! Watching the bathroom counter return to looking new before my eyes had me exclaiming "I need to blog about this!" I even paused my cleaning to take the photo above.


   I'm officially in love and here's the recipe:


        1 bottle

        1/2 water

        1/2 vinegar

        10 drops of Cheer Up Buttercup

        3-5 drops tea tree oil





   If you give this recipe a try, let me know! It's perfect for spring to give your home a fresh kick!








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