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Manifesting March

February 28, 2018




   Happy Manifesting March my friends!


  Are we ready to do this? After Frugal February and saving our extra cash, straight down to the pennies, it's nice to have a new or renewed appreciation for what we have. This appreciation allows the Universe to know we're open to more abundance.


   First and foremost, in order to manifest anything, you need to be in the right state of mind. Abundance flows to you when you're open and on the high vibe track of life.  As we all know from experience, the Law of Attraction proves to us that when we focus on bad things, more bad things happen, and when we focus on good things, more good things happen.

   This is all there is to it- we raise our vibrations with that of the good things and in flows all the goods. So how do we raise our vibes? Here are some ways I suggest:


    ~ Do something you enjoy when you first wake up. Set the tone of your day positively. If you wake up before work with just enough time to shower and run out the door, consider setting your alarm an hour before you have to leave and use 30 minutes to do whatever you want that makes you happy. It doesn't matter what it is- read, listen to your favorite music, scroll social media (stick to happy posts), email or text a friend something nice, meditate, make coffee and relax with your dog or cat, write in your journal, etc. If it makes you feel good, do it. Your day will start off with a positivity that you wouldn't normally experience and it's a setup for a great day.


~ Upgrade. It can be big or small. Find something in your life that you need to upgrade. Especially after Frugal February or living frugally in general, we can keep using things we already have way past their expiration date. For example, I do not enjoy buying phone charging cords. Who does? It's one of those things that I don't like spending money on so when my cords end up bending and ripping open with frays and I'm still amazed they charge, I hold onto them for dear life. Why?  Every time I go to charge my phone (which is often...), I see this self-destructing cord with exposed wires staring back at me, telling me it's an accident waiting to happen, and I hurry and plug my phone in, look for the charging symbol and walk away briskly.

   If I took the time to go buy a new cord for $9.99, my entire mood (vibe!) would be different when I went to charge my phone. I'd be happy that I now have a properly working cord that charges my phone quickly. I'd be thankful that I don't have a fire hazard looming in my home and if I was already high-vibing, it wouldn't be lowered by seeing this grimy cord a few times a day.

   See, it's all about how we feel and it's the tiniest details that keep us in alignment. If you feel good, you attract good. When you look around for something to upgrade to raise the vibration of your home and life, know that it can be something very small or large. You don't need to spend a lot.


   Possible things to upgrade:

        ~The brand of your morning coffee. Goodbye Foldgers, hello Illy.

        ~Any socks or slippers that have holes.

        ~Cracked phone case.

        ~Skincare/makeup that's not doing you any favors. Buy what you know works.

        ~If you struggle with painting your own nails, go to a nail salon to kick off the month.

        ~Those shiny waxy apples you always buy? Go organic and spare your liver.

        ~Get a nice pen to use at work and replace the cheap ones.

        ~Get a haircut.

        ~Wash your car inside and out.

        ~Get rid of old yellowed supposed-to-be-white t-shirts and invest in new ones for                spring/summer.

        ~Your nasty hairbrush - clean it or get a new one. Get a new toothbrush while you're at it, they sell them at the dollar store, no excuse.

        ~Clean out your purse/wallet. Free but definitely an upgrade on how you've been living with old receipts and wrappers and who knows what else floating around in there.

        ~Larger things- furniture, phones, cars, living conditions, etc. Now is the time. If you feel you can afford it right now and it's been something on your radar for a while, go for it. Don't make any rash decisions just for manifesting March.


   Please keep in mind you don't need to spend money to upgrade. Cleaning your surroundings and clearing clutter is a marvelous option, which brings me to my next high vibe suggestion.


   ~ Clean your space. Clutter blocks energy. When we're surrounded by a bunch of junk or even just dust that's collected on infrequently used belongings, it has a subconscious affect on us. It can be as simple as not feeling our creative energy flow or just feeling overall discontent and not being able to determine why.

      Now is the time to go through your stuff, declutter, sell it, donate it, give it to friends, trash it (if it's really trash). Once you have a clean and calm atmosphere, you're going to feel so much better and those high vibes will be flowing all over the place. Your creative spirit will boom as well as your joy and satisfaction with daily life.


   ~ Journal abundance and gratitude- There are two valuable things to journal about that promotes well-being- creating an abundance log and gratitude log.

     Abundance- Write down everything that flows to you this month. Everything people give you, money that flows to you, things you find, everything. If it comes into your life for you, log it. I guarantee you'll be amazed by everything that's come your way. A lot of times we don't stop to acknowledge the little things we attract. Taking the time to write each thing down allows us to focus on the good.

     Gratitude- Write down everything you're grateful for. Make sure they're things you're truly grateful for or you won't feel the feelings you're supposed to be feeling as you write them! Make an endless list! It's a popular suggestion to write down 5 things each day you're grateful for but I say, why stop there? Write down 100 things! Write down 200 things! The longer you're in the state of appreciation, the better you're going to feel, and more will flow to you.



    We live in an abundant universe. Anything you desire can be yours. It's important to know that the more you receive, it is not being taken from others. A lot of times, people have subconscious beliefs that if they receive something (like money), it's being taken from others. So they tend to be selfless to a harmful extent, whether they consciously know it or not. When they receive money, suddenly they have a reason to give it away (bills, relatives, shopping habits). That is why a lot of lottery winners go bankrupt within 1-2 years. They're stuck in a scarcity mindset that we all have limited resources.


    You must know that our lives are designed to be abundant and we are all here to succeed.


    Write down some things you want to manifest this month. It can be anything- money, business success, a promotion, a new friend, new shoes, etc. Each day, focus on your list, get in your high vibe zone and know it's coming to you. I'll be manifesting abundance in my business and I also told my daughter I'm going to manifest free nachos. "Watch and see", I said. Her eyes may have rolled but when I'm eating my nachos she'll be a believer, I know it.


   Have fun with it. It's not supposed to be serious, it's supposed to be fun, just like life. We only live once, make the most of it!


   Let me know what you're going to manifest in the comments! Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you receive posts by email and don't miss any. :)


   Sending good vibes,



PS- Those people in your life that wreak with negativity? When they call, hang up the phone sister! Nobody has time for that.




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