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The Essence of Refine

January 4, 2018

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Welcome to Refine with Seamerias

January 1, 2018





Welcome to the beginning of Refine.


  Here at Refine, we will discuss the various aspects of a refined life, or a life well lived, full of intention and finesse.  I look forward to sharing cultural spotlights, book recommendations (my reading goal for 2018 is 50 books!), seasonal topics, minimalism and defining our "essentials", recipes, brand highlights, self care, and much more on the basis of distilling our lives into our optimal experience.

  Many of you may have arrived from my monthly newsletter via my website, seamerias.com. In the spirit of the newsletter and to kick off 2018 I will share my word for the year, which is Fresh.

For 2018, Fresh will mean fresh starts, fresh food, and fresh ideas.


  As an avid list-maker, I've come up with ways to incorporate "fresh" into our lives and keep things, well, fresh! Here we go:


  1. Clean your living space- Declutter. This is always a default suggestion because it's important. Get rid of anything you don't truly love or use. Give it away to a friend, family, donation center or sell it. Keep only the things you find useful or beautiful. Gift yourself with the space to breathe and live.


  2. Clean out your phone (and computer)- Delete emails, ALL of them. Sort them into folders or delete them for good. Clear your inbox once and for all, then exhale. Upload all of your photos to your computer and start fresh with an empty photo folder (it feels really good, I promise).  Delete apps you don't use or rarely use.


  3. Drop those who don't serve you- Whether this is people you know in "real life" or those you follow on social media. Nobody needs emotional vampires in their life. I spent the past couple of years refining my relationships and it feels really good. On social media, unfollow those who irritate you with their posts, who make you question your own journey, and anyone who isn't serving your well-being (directly or indirectly).


  4. Create a vision board- There are so many ways of doing this, my favorite being on Pinterest. I've created a board named Fresh 2018 specifically for the year and what I want it to look and feel like. Get your ideas flowing with your own vision board. The trick is to look at it often to remind yourself of your goals regularly. Creating a board and never looking at it again won't provide you the same benefit as consistently checking in. 


  5. Follow new blogs and people- Once you have an idea of how you want your year to look, follow new people that align with that vision. You've already rid yourself of those who don't fit in your new life and goals, so now it's time to add those who do. I'm sure we've all heard that we're most like the 5 people we spend the most time with. While I believe this is true, I also believe we are what we read and constantly scroll through and look at. If you're adding positivity to the feeds you frequently read, you're bound to feel uplifted and inspired. Only invite what your best self aligns with into your inner circle, online and off. While you're at it, change up your own profiles. Take new profile photos, update your bio and work on a new style of content.


  6. Learn something new- We can all benefit from learning a new skill, idea, theory, or method of doing things. You can do this many ways- sign up for a traditional class, watch Ted talks, read books on a subject, or one my favorite ways is on Skillshare. Skillshare is a website where you can teach or learn and it's filled with so many fascinating classes. I like to browse through and spontaneously take the classes that spark my interest in that moment.


  7. Try new foods- Let this be the year you mix up your food game. All of those restaurants you frequent? Scratch them off the list. How fun would it be to only try new restaurants this year? Go to all of the little places you've "always wanted to try" and ditch your old standbys. Nothing changes when everything you do stays the same. Get exploring! When shopping for groceries, toss a new fruit or veg in the cart you haven't tried before. Look up new recipes on Pinterest and make a new one every weekend.


 8. Walk- and walk often. Walk new routes, new trails, during different times of day, and with new people. Notice the fresh air, the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the good conversation if you're with someone, the oxygen in your lungs, the way you feel when you're walking and when you're done. The exercise will do your body good and it's also great for clearing your mind and aiding new ideas.


  9. Self care- Get a hair cut or trim, clean up your nails, eat something really healthy (smoothies and juice are my fav pick-me-ups), nap, read an uplifting book, meditate, walk barefoot outside, drink tea, do yoga, take a relaxing bath, listen to soothing music, get a massage. There are so many ways we can take care of ourselves and only we know the best way to do it. Everyone is busy, we can all gain from taking a step back and caring for ourselves. If we aren't functioning at 100% (or at least 85%+), other areas of our life can suffer.


10. Visit new places- You don't need to go far for this. Whether it's a new exhibit at your local museum, a different beach or park than your usual, or a nearby town. When you try new things and experience new places, you enrich your life and it gives you a lot more to talk about when you see someone and they ask "What's new?". You may even find a new hobby or passion along the way.


  I'm sure I'll be touching on each of these suggestions more in the future as we dive deeper into refining our lives. I do hope you stick around and join me in creating our best selves. After all, this one short life is all we have. Let's make the most of it!


  Be sure to enter your email on the sidebar to receive posts via email so you don't miss any! I look forward to seeing you soon and feel free to leave a comment below saying hello, introducing yourself, or to suggest another way to get "fresh" this new year.


Until next time,




You can find me at:







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