Courtney is a photographer based in Carlsbad, San Diego, CA.


Work includes landscape photography, portraiture and products.

Email me at for a portrait package list or for freelance inquiries.



Are you available to travel?

Within the Southern California region. Negotiable.


What does Seamerias mean?

It combines two of my favorite things: the Sea and Plumerias.


Can I have a digital copy of your photo to use?

I do not give out my photos to use for free but you can contact me for pricing.


Can I purchase prints of your work?

Yes! I recently opened a print shop on Etsy at the start of 2016. I'm excited to have my photos available in one place for purchase. If you'd like a photo that's not already listed on there, send me an email and I can add it.

To view my shop click the shop link on my site or directly visit: